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Words from the community

This will be very useful when you are outdoors. Small but powerful enough to blend ice, can mix kinds of fruit and vegetables. The USB juicer cup can be easily charged. Quality is good. Can be taken everywhere easily and very easy to clean.

Hyman Wilderman

This is a very good product. I had this kind of personal fruit juice blender before BUT it is not as portable as this product. For my previous product, it needs to have a cord to connect it in order to blend the juice and for this, you could bring it anywhere and blend my favourite juice anytime and anywhere WITHOUT any attached cord. It is just as easy as by pressing one button to blend my favourite fruit juice that I wanted!


Super easy and convenient. I brought it to work a few times and it’s so quiet I mean you hear it but it’s not obnoxious. I have sent many co workers to buy it and now we’re all just sitting at our desk making. Smoothies 😂. I also love that i can charge it wherever i am, i have even charged it in the car and really nice that it fits in the cup holder in the car. Plus the price makes it even better, would definitely recommend this blender.