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Healthyabyss Organic Matcha Tea -
Healthyabyss Organic Matcha Tea -
Healthyabyss Organic Matcha Tea -

Healthyabyss Organic Matcha Tea

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Our Organic Healthyabyss Matcha, is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it is also a great source for caffeine, which stimulates the body, and also amino acids, which relaxes the mind.

One serving of this superfood provides 4-6 hours of steady energy. Perfect for focusing on your work, or just maintaining that good mood.

As said above matcha is rich in nutrients and antioxidants our matcha tea contains over 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea, making it an effective way to bolster the immune system! It also improves the overall quality and health of your skin.

Because quality is our priority our matcha is kosher, and organic. We support our budget-friendly option that does not sacrifice quality!

So ready to discover the matcha superfood first hand? We know you’ll love our supplement just as much as we do, but in case you don’t, we offer free worldwide shipping and orders are backed with our 30 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so click the add to cart or buy now button and try it today!


Prevent Cell Damage & Lower Risk Of Chronic Diseases - One cup of our matcha has as many nutrients and antioxidants as 10 cups of regular green tea. It's packed with exponentially more antioxidants than any other superfood, including chlorophyll and other catechins which helps detoxify the body of accumulated harmful chemicals, toxins and heavy metals.

Increased Alertness & Productivity - Matcha contains 35mg of caffeine (per serving) for that extra kick, but unlike a cup of coffee matcha gradually releases caffeine into your body for a period of up to 6 hours, due to a rare natural energy boosting amino acid called L-theanine. This gives you sustainable energy throughout the day without a caffeine crash, anxiety or the 'jitters'.

Promotes Weight Loss - According to research in the Journal of Nutrition, matcha has been shown to increase thermogenesis (the rate at which our bodies burn calories), from 10% to 40% of daily energy use. Matcha can boost metabolism and burn fat by up to four times without raising blood pressure or heart rate. It's alkaline too, which helps your body’s PH balance.

Boost Memory & Concentration - Matcha contains L-theanine which according to research published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Nutrition, increases the production of serotonin helping you to perform better. This chemical serve to enhance mood, and promote better concentration for up to 6 hours.

Improve Skin Health -The catechins in matcha help protect your skin from free radicals, preventing signs of ageing. Due to the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of EGCG, it also helps treat rosacea and even acne by reducing redness. In a study published by the Medical College of Georgia, the EGCG found in green tea rejuvenated surface skin cells that would otherwise die. This is why some people use it directly on their faces!

Strengthens Immune System - Just one cup of our matcha provides substantial quantities of Potassium, Vitamins A,C, E, K and Vitamin B-complex.  EGCG in matcha assists your body's production of T-Cells which reduces inflammation and fights pathogens.


Add 1/2 teaspoon of The Matcha to your favorite tea cup or bowl. Add 3 ounces of hot (not boiling) filtered water. Whisk well in zig-zag patterns until tea is dissolved and a pretty foam appears on the surface. A bamboo tea whisk works best for this. You can adjust the amount of Matcha or water to your liking. Drink in vibrant health.

Money Back Guarantee

Ready to discover the matcha superfood first hand? We know you’ll love our supplement just as much as we do, but in case you don’t, orders are backed with our 30 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so click the add to cart or buy now button and try it today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

My mind feels much calmer with this matcha, enough that I can go several days without the need for coffee. The relief is instant, and I have been good about avoiding coffee. I've tried another brand of matcha before that was also good, but this one includes a 30 day money back guarantee so you'r not risking anything. For that alone, an order is worth the try. I usually take the full daily dose at four pm. Today I did not, and I still feel good, generally. I seem to prefer just mixing it in water cold, but I know this is by far the least preferred way for anyone. Still, I use what I got at 4 pm. If its just a glass of water, well... The flavor isn't the same as the last one. I like it, even though plain out of the bag it is a little bitter. The best part is how I am so mentally put at ease with it, and this wasn't the same as the last one I tried. I will be purchasing from healthyabyss again. I think that with all the meds I'm on its good to detox if just once in a while. I tend not to use matcha within an hour of taking meds, and I find that it hasn't been interfering. Coffee on the other hand...


Really wonderful - I got hooked on green tea lattes at Starbucks, but the quality of this is clearly better. It tastes fresher / purer and the caffeine effect is great too lasting many hours but without the crash that coffee brings. I was originally confused by how small the pouch was as I'd observed Starbucks baristas putting big scoops of green stuff into their green tea lattes. The difference is this stuff is CONCENTRATED, so you really only do need half a teaspoon.


The tea is absolutely amazing i was having a lot of stomach pains from coffee, and working in an office. Healthyabyss matcha tastes great and gives me that kick that i need at work.


I make a daily smoothie and put a tablespoon full of this powder in it. The first day I drank the smoothie, I recall thinking to myself later that afternoon, "Man, I just got a lot of stuff done. And boy, I was really able to engage and listen in that conversation.That was weird."

Day 2: "Man, I just got a lot of stuff done. This project suddenly makes sense and I'm not feeling overwhelmed. Boy, I was really able to engage and listen in that conversation. What have I done differently?'s that Matcha!!"

I bought a cheaper brand (Carrington) @ Walmart and had a smoothie over the weekend. I noticed no difference..back to being tired and unfocused.

This morning, I returned back to this brand of Matcha and I have been banging out work. Highly focused. Things are making sense. High levels of mental clarity. I'm in love.



I am re-ordering because I feel so much better I'm getting more things done, I'm 78 years old today and I can tell you this tea has improved my life and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better and have more energy.
I do not drink it for the taste although it's not bad at all, and I do not take the time to heat up water and have hot tea I just put a half a teaspoon into my bottle of water and shake it up I do it at least twice a day.
I realize this is beverage blend and not the ceremonial But I have tried both and it doesn't taste much different, the good news is that the price is way less than the ceremonial grade and you get the same benefits!!! Such as ten times the antioxidants as regular green tea.